oblaten cookies

the original dessert wafer

Award Baking International



This project was done while I was working with an agency in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Award Baking International was adding two new flavors to the line-up of their Original Carlsbad Oblaten dessert wafer and wanted to refresh the look at the same time. One of the hurdles that we needed to tackle was the fact that the last keyline created for the wafers was done the old school way — with film. There were no digital files.

My first job was to an electronic keyline to the exact specifications of the current packaging. Every font had to be found and scaled, each stroke line measured, tracking & kerning deciphered. It all had to look identical to what was on film. Once that was done, the team got together to update colors and imagery.


1 oz., 4.25 oz., 6.75 oz. and 12.75 oz. packaging for Original Vanilla-Almond, Caramel, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Lemon flavors.